C3AFAJKT IMG AKIBA STAGE Virtual Youtuber (Kizuna AI, Maya Putri & Siro)

Kizuna AI 

C3AFAJKT IMG AKIBA STAGE Virtual Youtuber Kizuna Ai (JPN)

Started her YouTube career in December 2016, the (self-proclaimed) world’s first Virtual YouTuber. Her main channel, (A.I.Channel) has over 2 million subscribers and her game-focused channel, (A.I.Games) has over 900 thousand subscribers. With her cute, anime character-ish looks and voice, she has gained popularity not only in Japan but also in overseas countries as well. In March 2018, she has been appointed as the ambassador for the Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO). Furthermore, in July 2018, she released her first original song titled “Hello, Morning”. Her wish is to connect with everyone from around the world.

Kizuna AI YT Channels:

Maya Putri  

C3AFAJKT IMG AKIBA STAGE Virtual Youtuber Maya Putri (INA)

Maya Putri is Indonesia’s first ever Virtual YouTuber who debuted in August 2018. Maya is a natural-born singer and hopes to share her love of Indonesia with the rest of the world through her songs.

Maya Putri YT Channels:


C3AFAJKT IMG AKIBA STAGE Virtual Youtuber Siro (JPN)

Siro began her activities as a popular YouTuber on 28 June 2017. Today in August 2018, her channel has garnered over 520,000 subscribers, whom she uploads new videos for daily. Despite her cute looks and speech, the gap between her appearance and her skill in gaming is so surprising, she is popular among both her younger and older audiences. She is not only active on YouTube, but she appears at real events, on radio programmes and TV programmes as well, expanding her activities to all kinds of media.

Siro YT Channels:

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