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6 DC Villains Who Have a Romantic Relationship with Batman

Baatman is one of DC’s most famous superheroes. Batman is portrayed as a quiet and difficult figure to approach, even in Justice League only a few superheroes get along with Batman. But this time we will discuss villains who have a romantic relationship with Batman.

As a superhero, this Batman often deals with criminals. Because of this, many criminals both hate and fear him. But some of them fell in love with Batman.


Here’s a Villain Who Has a Romantic Relationship with Batman

Are you curious about the villains we’ll be discussing this time? Then let’s take a look at the full discussion below.

1. Catwoman

Catwoman | A villain who has a romantic relationship with Batman
Catwoman | DC Comics

The first villain to have a romantic relationship with Batman is Catwoman. As we know Catwoman is the most famous figure, because she often faces Batman.

But Catwoman is not entirely evil, because she also helps superheroes several times. Over time Catwoman has a relationship and a love story with Batman.

2. Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy | A villain who has a romantic relationship with Batman
Poison Ivy |

The next villain who has a romantic relationship with Batman is Poison Ivy. As the name implies, this character is related to poison and he can control plants as well.

Well told Batman is immune to poison, because of that Poison Ivy kissed Batman in the hope that Batman could be affected. But unfortunately it was Poison Ivy who fell in love with Batman, over time they had a romantic relationship and Poison Ivy once helped Batman defeat the villains.

3. Nocturna

Nocturna | Salazar Knight

The next villain who has a romantic relationship with Batman is Nocturna. When it comes to Catwoman and Poison Ivy, Batman has to go through the twists and turns of romance first.

But when it came to Nocturna, she fell in love immediately without going through a long process. According to the information we got, Nocturna was the leader of an evil organization, and when she found out Bruce was Batman, she fell even more in love and escaped the criminal world. But unfortunately he was killed by Anton Knight.

4. Talia Al Ghul

Talia Al Ghul | The villain who had a romantic relationship with Batman
Talia Al Ghul |

Then there is Talial al Ghul. Of all the villains who have a love story with Batman, Talial is the most successful. The daughter of the villain Ra’s al Ghul, Talia has creepy characteristics, not to mention she is the greatest assassin of the League of Assassins.

Feeling that he was once a teacher to Ra’s al Ghaul, Batman began to feel for Talia. Although their relationship was often on and off, Batman and Talia eventually had a child named Damian Wayne, who is now Robin.

5. Jezebel Zet

Jezebel Zet
Jezebel Zet | DC Comics

The next villain who has a romantic relationship with Batman is Jezebel Zet. Having the same reputation as Bruce Wayne, Jezebel Zet is a famous artist in Gotham City.

The people of Ghotam town quickly set them up. Suspicious of Bruce who always disappears suddenly, Jezebel knows that Bruce is Batman and Bruce knows that Jezebel is a member of the Black Glove criminal organization. Because of this, they both decided to break up.

6. Phantasm

Phantasm | DC Comics

Finally, Phantasm, you need to know that this villain is originally a woman named Andrea Beaumont. In Batman: The Animated Series, Andrea is a figure who loves Batman very much.

But knowing the fact that Batman likes to work with Catwoman, the jealousy in his body turns him into a villain. After finding out that Phantasm was Andrea, Batman decided to leave Andrea in a state of heartache.

These are the DC villains who have a connection with Batman. After reading this article, whose love story do you like? Don’t forget to keep visiting Dafunda.

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